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Pure Meadows Aurora

Pure Meadows Aurora



Rory is a lovely sweet, timid little mare whos a little nervous due to lack of handling but easy to get along with. Shes had one palomino colt foal who she sadly lost in 2022.

Rory halters, leads, knows all her basic yields, ties up, float loads and floats well with company, shes been away to stud, preg tested etc. She picks up her front feet well but would need extra time gaing more trust with handling her back feet. Rory would truly benefit from someone who has time to spend with her one on one and build her trust and confidence.


  • Details

    50% Gypsy Cob Mare

    Sire: Surrey Springs Chivalry (Gypsy Cob)

    Dam: Dracmore Foxy Lady (Welsh C)

    DOB: 5th December 2014

    Height: appx 13.2hh

    Registered: AGHS GCX0572

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