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Pure Meadows Sunny Dayz

Pure Meadows Sunny Dayz


Sunny is a super quiet, calm, friendly & docile filly. She is super easy to catch, halters, leads, picks up all feet for trimming & float loads (but has not yet travelled). We were unable to obtain DNA for Sunny's mother, as such she is registered Part Bred Gypsy Cob with AGHS. She'll make a great, calm, dependable ridden horse for anyone looking for a gentle giant or be excellent addition to any part bred gypsy breeding program.

  • Details

    F2 Drum Horse Filly 
    Registered Part Bred Gypsy with AGHS
    Sire: Pure Meadows Shadow Warrior - Drum Horse
    Dam: Headlands Anastacia - Clydesdale
    DOB: 24th October 2019
    EAH: 16.2hh
    FIS: n n (negative for FIS)
    PSSM1: n n (negative for PSSM1)
    Agouti: A A (two copies bay factor)
    Red/black: E E (two copies black)
    Tobiano: TO n (positive for tobiano, one copy)
    W20: W20 n (positive for W20, one copy)
    Cream: Cr n (positive for cream, one copy)

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