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My Story

Horses have always been my passion, though I was denied this dream as a youngster. I purchased my first horse when I was 19 and simply never looked back. My life with horses is an ongoing journey full of personal growth, life lessons, and SO much knowledge in between.

I studied Horse Industry Management at Richmond TAFE NSW, and over the years have worked for various horse studs and trainers, before setting out on my own breeding and training adventure. My greatest strengths with horses are on the ground. I have a deep love for trick training and liberty work and look forward to advancing my skills in these areas, as well as becoming a more accomplished rider. On the ground, I believe in doing simple, every day things, with meaning and excellence. 

Over the years, I have enjoyed being involved with the promotion of the Gypsy Cob breed at shows and events including the Melbourne Royal and Equitana and was among the first to join and help with the establishment of the Gypsy Horse Association Australia (now under the umbrella of the APSB). I served two years on the committee of the Australasian Gypsy Horse Society (AGHS).

I have spent years researching, gathering knowledge and searching for only the best horses with which to establish my breeding programs, and am extremely proud of the results.

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Breeding Objective

My breeding objective is to produce only the best quality Gypsy Cobs, Drum Horses and high percentage part bred Gypsy ponies that are sound in both temperament and conformation, and are true to traditional type.

I run three separate breeding programs;

High Percentage Part Bred Gypsy Cobs; Utilizing quality broodmares from performance and native pony lines, producing top quality heavily built, athletic, dependable and mentally sound ride and drive horses, in many sizes and colours, for the whole family to enjoy.

Drum Horses; The development of a new Heavy Horse breed (over 16hh) that utilizes the best examples of the Shire, Clydesdale, and Gypsy Cobs as foundation breeds, while focusing on athleticism, agility, and performance ability for all ridden disciplines.

Pure Bred Gypsy Cobs; Top quality Traditional, true to type Gypsy Cobs that don't compromise on conformation, movement or temperament!

The Farm & Facilities

The property is 68 acres of picturesque rolling green hills, surrounded by tranquil pine forest and breathtaking 360-degree views, looking over the local town of Yarram, and all the way to Toora, Wilsons Promontory and the Ocean.

My immediate surrounds provide the perfect location to train and work horses including some fantastic trail rides through the forests, quiet dirt roads for harness driving and only a short trip to 90 Mile Beach and Port Welshpool Foreshore.

Pure Meadows endeavour to provide all our horses with the best possible facilities including safe horse fencing, free access to natural water sources and large paddocks with abundant grazing pasture.

Pure Meadows horses enjoy the many benefits of being situated among the foothills of the Strzelecki ranges, providing a naturally undulating environment; an excellent source of constant exercise resulting in, healthy horses with good cardio-vascular fitness, metabolic health and sound hoof composition. All foals have the added advantage of growing up sure-footed with well-developed tendons and muscle tone.

Training and breeding facilities include; mare and foal safe post and rail fencing, secure mare and foal crush, two huge airy stables, multiple holding and day yards, 'patience pole', two sturdy round yards (22' and 50'), 40 x 20m grass riding arena, and play pen with many Natural Horsemanship & Mountain Trail training obstacles.

I am a member of the AGHS, IDHA, APSB and many other breed societies. All our foals are registered with the AGHS and are eligible for duel registrations with relevant societies including; the APSB, IDHA, VPS, CHAPS, WP&CS, CCHS, AFWS, HPS, and many more!

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