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There is no mysticism, no magic, or only one method in the realm of good horsemanship…It’s knowing that everything you think you know about horses may change with the very next horse.

Tom Dorrance

Old Whitelaws Track, Devon North, Vic 3971

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Colletta Ward 

After only recently becoming involved in harness driving over the last 3 years, but having had horses all my life, my dream was to purchase a Gypsy Cob.  I began my quest to find the perfect horse.  Living in far North Queensland meant I would have to purchase from NSW/Vic.  I was a very hesitant buyer as it also meant I would have to buy without personally viewing the horse.  After contacting a myriad of breeders I realized that buying a schoolmaster GC was near on impossible and even ones just started were very expensive.  I decided to widen my search to partbred GC and also to accommodate my budget and transportation costs.   I finally found Pure Meadows! 
Karyn asked me what I was looking for and matched me to PM Starstruck aka Striker.  For the next 6 months we communicated via FB and Karyn sent me endless videos and answered all my questions.  She was very patient with this hesitant and unsure buyer.  After a PSSM test, which came back negative, I decided it was time and purchased Striker.
When Striker arrived in Townsville I was very pleased with the foundation work Karyn had done with him.  He was a great leader, very quiet on the ground, and loaded the float like an old hand.  His personality and temperament were exactly as Karyn had described.  With the help of an experienced harness breaking friend, Striker is coming along really nicely to the cart.  Last week, I even had a little trot in the cart I bought for him.   Exciting stuff!!
I can see now that Striker is my dream horse and we will have such fun and many adventures together in my twilight years.  I cannot thank Karyn enough for her honesty and patience through the whole purchasing process.  I will continue to keep in touch with her and let her know how Striker is progressing.
All Karyn’s horses are bred and reared on beautiful, windswept high country in Victoria.  They have the best start to life in a herd environment. The photos and videos of them with the wind whipping their manes and tails or galloping freely up and down the rolling green hills is something to see!
I would highly recommend Pure Meadows stud for anyone wishing to purchased a good quality Gypsy Cob.


Megan Dorrell

I wasn't looking for another horse, not really. But then I stumbled across Karyn's Pure Meadows Farm page and thought I'd have a scroll through and essentially do some window shopping online. That was my undoing, I saw Pure Meadows Romeo and fell in love. Karyn was amazing to contact, answering me in a timely manner and answering all my questions when she was able and happy to provide all manner of photos and videos as I was buying sight unseen from far north QLD. Full of information and so easy to deal with, I'm so glad I reached out and enquired about Romeo. Karyn's support has also continued on after I purchased Romeo and if I'm ever stuck, or come across some training bump I'm not sure how to iron out she's always willing to help and offer ideas. Romeo is everything she said and more. Would definitely recommend buying a horse from her!


Karina Pickrill

I purchased the lovely ‘Pure Meadows Pippin’ Gypsy cross Welsh Pony Mare. Karyn was so kind, accommodating & professional. It’s always fantastic to enjoy positive experiences with fellow horse lovers! So good I am going back for another pony!


Chloe Jackson

I have been extremely fortunate enough to buy one of Karyn’s Pure Meadows Farm Gypsy Cob’s. From the first time we spoke Karyn was very helpful and patient stepping me through purchasing and training my first Cob. She was extremely generous with her time in preparing Daithi for the handover to make sure it was stress free for all involved. Karyn has given imperative advice and training sessions to help both my learning and my horse. As a trainer, Karyn is calm, patient and non judgmental! Even when I’ve felt out of my depth, she has graciously guided me through. Never making me feel silly or embarrassed. She is very honest about her horses. She will help match a temperament to your needs ensuring a good match is made for both horse and buyer.
I hope I’m fortunate enough to buy another Cob from Karyn as Pure Meadows Daithi has brought pure joy to our family.


Chantelle Bruton

I purchased Pure Meadows Morningstar and she is an absolute blessing! A temperament to die for, quiet and always wanting to please. She’s my special girl and I love her to bits - I can’t thank Karyn enough for breeding my dream girl. She’s everything I was after and more.Thank you!


Rebecca Hardwick-Magnus

You have so deeply enriched and improved our experience being horse lovers Pure Meadows Wilful Princess is an out standing filly. I want to encourage and recognise you for the incredible quality you produce.
You are the ones creating healthy, well-structured animals with great temperaments and excellent early socialisation and ground work. My gratitude for that is nearly boundless.
So please, keep up the good work and know how much you and your hard work is appreciated. And above all, know that the fabulous filly you produced is dearly loved and valued.

Thank you!


Michael Allton

I was fortunate enough to work with Karyn at her farm for a couple of days getting groundwork instruction starting young horses.
Her knowledge, and patience, on teaching someone with very little exposure to young foals was excellent. I was able to expand my own
knowledge and practice techniques with her other horses, all of whom had exceptional groundwork training.
This working holiday allowed me to provide a more thorough education to my own horses Hueson and Skye not only in groundwork, but transferring skills to saddlework as well.
Based on my time working under Karyn I would recommend any horses from Pure Meadows, not only are they excellently trained,
each are wonderful, unique characters.



I have wanted a Gypsy cob now for most of my life, never thought I would be able to get one. I've rescued and rehomed approximately 15 horses. I would find a horse that needed rescuing I bought them, rehabilitated them, fed them up worked with them, desensitised them and found them loving homes. With the little money I made from each one sold I saved up enough for Pure Meadows Fagan. I wanted him for my daughter and I to enjoy.I bought Fagan sight Unseen and had experience from buying and selling in the past. Karyn was amazing and sent me so much information videos and photos of Fagan plus described his temperament perfectly. When Fagan arrived he was amazing so gorgeous looking and he was so easy to handle compared to all the others I’d have previously dealt with. His personality is friendly and even after his long journey, he walked straight up to me and stood there still as a statue while I patted him. He behaviour towards my other horse is also amazing she was neglected and is funny about her food but Fagan is so smart and sweet stands back and let’s her go first and stands back until she is fed before coming towards me to come for his food, beautiful. And he isn’t even broken in yet. I am so happy with this breed I am saving for a second one for my other daughter :)Thank you Karyn for breeding my beautiful boy.

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