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Pure Meadows Ferrum Aeternum

Pure Meadows Ferrum Aeternum


"Forge" as he is known on the farm, is a very striking 3/4 Gypsy cob colt out of PM Eternal Wait (Gypsy/15/16 Friesian Warmblood) and by Kintara Blacksmith. Forge has everything one could dream of in a future ridden horse. He is a very sweet and shy RBI/RBE boy who will do well with a compassionate and confident human whom he can trust and gain confidence with. He is calm and smart, likes consistent training, and is proving to be a quick learner and good jumper!


Forge has been getting some extensive NH training this summer. He would do well with someone who understands and can work with his RBI/RBE nature. He is easy to catch, halter, lead, picks up his front 2 feet for trimming and learning to pick up his back 2 feet. He float loads (but has not yet travelled), knows all his basic NH yields, walks over a tarp, trots from the shoulder both sides (show lead), walks over bridges, the see-saw, and can jump a barrel laying down, amoung many other things!

Forge has now been gelded and is currently being re-introduced to the herd and processing his his new roll in life as a gelding. His basic traing is almost complete, needing only to learn to tie up in order to go to his new home.


  • Details

    75% Gypsy cob colt
    Eligible for rego with AGHS & APSB
    Sire: Kintara Blacksmith
    Dam: Pure Meadows Eternal Wait (Gypsy x 15/16th Friesian Warmblood)
    DOB: 11th October 2020
    EMH: appx 14.2hh to 15.1hh

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