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Pure Meadows Temptation

Pure Meadows Temptation


Tempi is a stunning, evenly marked 3/4 Gypsy cob gelding out of PM Seduction (gypsy/Welsh D) and by Kintara Blacksmith. He is a charismatic, sweet boy who is calm and expressive. He has the typical LBI/RBI nature (a good mix of confident, yet not too pushy, but genuinely needs someone he can bond with, build trust and can occasionally hold his hand). He is doing exceptionally well in his groundwork lessons, a real pleasure to work with, proving to be level headed with equal go & woah, willing and a fast learner. He has an easy going, friendly nature that will suit anyone with good NH experience and knows how to be a genuine and compassionate leader.


Tempi has extensive NH training. He is easy to catch (one of the first to meet you in the paddock), halter, lead, picks up all 4 feet, float loads (but has not yet travelled), knows all his basic NH yields, trots from the shoulder both sides (show lead), has been worked over various obstacles (walks over bridges, the see-saw among many other things! ). He has begun to do some liberty work and is learning close range spins. His groundwork training is almost complete, needing only to learn to tie up.

Tempi is currently enjoying some time off in the main herd with the other mares, foals & geldings. He will make an exceptional all round horse for the whole family.

  • Details

    75% Gypsy cob colt
    Eligible for rego with AGHS & APSB
    Sire: Kintara Blacksmith
    Dam: Pure Meadows Seduction (Gypsy x Welsh D)
    DOB: 15th October 2020
    EMH: appx 14.2hh to 15hh

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